WARNING: The Author Boss Academy Will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!
If I Showed you how to GROW your Author Business, Help Tons of people and Double Your Income...


Read This Before 
Going ANY Further
From The Desk Of Yolanda Lewis, MBA
Publishing Consultant & Founder, Extreme Overflow Publishing
The Author Boss Academy isn't for everyone. 
It's for an exclusive group of authors who are committed to turning what they have into an irresistible offer their audience will go WILD for! The two reasons why authors start writing books is to be their own boss and make a HUGE impact. But after selling to their entire friends and family circle, many authors find themselves desperately looking for new customers (totally exhausting). Slowly but surely royalties get lower and slower and the dream of living that "author life" they once imagined disappears. However, with a simple (yet powerful) strategy your author's dream can be renewed

Authors who want a predictable and repeatable strategy  that QUANTUM leaps their message into the land of profit, the Author Boss Academy is for you so, keep reading...
The Author boss academy
A business growth accelerator program for authors that will help you exponentially increase your income by focusing on providing value to your audience with your message, not just your book. With results-driven accountability, personalized coaching, community and support through implementation in a community this course gives authors on a mission the tools to live the life they've only imagined was possible.
This is sooo for you if...
(If You're Ready To Do The Work And These Things Too :-))
Tired of chasing people to buy your book 
(...only for them not to finish it or leave a review).
Know you got in this author business to make a HUGE impact (...and you don't believe you have to be broke doing it).
Can't figure out what else you can sell to start seeing a profit (...and you don't want to write another book).
Know getting to the next level is going to require you to get guidance (...and you're tired of feeling behind in your journey toward the success you imagined you'd have by now).
Don't doubt you have something AMAZING to offer the world (...of which no one can tell you any different) and NOTHING can stop you from leveling up because you know now is your time.
what Makes The 
Author Boss Academy 
so different?
  • We have a step-by-step proven process for you to follow so that you can build, grow, and leverage your author business ... no matter where you are staarting the journey.
  • We simplified things so as you grow it's easier to scale ... because complication is the root of all things left uncompleted.
  • We mastered the skills required to sustain a real business no matter what's going on in the world ... rather than wasting time focusing on micro win opportunities (we want you to win in the long haul).
  • We show you how to focus on the lifetime value of a customer so that you hit your financial goals quickly and get better results without always stressing about where the next sale is coming from.
  • We help you create strategic and long term business paths that will serve you over and over, beyond your book... and withstand the test of time.
When You Join The Author Boss Academy...
 You Will Get Access To:
  • 6 Modules of Business Mentorship with Yolanda diving into the exact steps you need to up-level and build a profitable author business.  ($7,000 Value)
  • Personalized Accountability, Tracking,  and Implementation Mentorship while implementing what you learn!  ($3497 Value)
  • You'll be a part of a highly motivated group of results-driven peers and mentors who will turn into Author Boss partners and friends.  ($2497 Value)
  • Plug and Play Launch Assets and  Dedicated Funnel Branding Support so that you NEVER stay stuck in design mode or not know what to do.  ($1750 Value) 
  • You'll have 24/7 access to the membership portal (that grows each week) with the step by step strategy to develop and launch your core offers,  build out your value ladder and so much more ... ($2997 Value)


  • BONUS #1: Facebook Ads Lab - An ads planning workshop to strategize and create your launch with (Done For You) Implementation Support with Yolanda ($850 Value) - LIMITED TO THOSE WHO PAY IN FULL
  • BONUS #2: Winning Webinar Workshop  - Outline your program, Map out your Launch Plan, Integrate your Value Ladder AND 1:1 creative support to get your launch funnel created and ready for traffic ($1500 Value) - LIMITED TO THOSE WHO PAY IN FULL
  • BONUS #3: FUNNEL CO-CREATION Two 30 minute calls with Yolanda  to deep dive into your funnel design, setup, and integrations to ensure your funnel is branded well and runs like a well-oiled machine ($750 Value) LIMITED TO FIRST 5 SIGNUPS
  • BONUS #4: When you pay in full, you save $75 compared to the monthly plan ($75 Value) LIMITED TO THOSE WHO PAY IN FULL

TOTAL VALUE: $20,841

YOUR COST: $597 

(Only For A Limited Time)

The Ball Is In Your Court.
DO You Want...
To achieve MASSIVE AUTHOR BOSS GROWTH and make world-changing impact 
Stay In The Same Place You've Been For Months ...Or Years?
This is your defining moment.
And I would be honored to work with you!
Author Boss Academy™. A Program of Extreme Overflow Publishing.  All rights reserved.
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